Homeostasis is proud to be part of a new breed of manufacturers in Canada, capable of creating custom formulations for qualified Practitioners.

There are very few homeopathic manufacturers in Canada as most products are imported from Europe or the United States.
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Homeostasis's manufacturing facility is licensed by the Natural Health Product Directorate and is authorized to manufacture homeopathic medicines.

In homeopathy, the remedy is given to provoke a reaction from the human body so that
it can generate a healing response.

So, 1 part is diluted with 9 parts of menstrum to achieve the first level of dilution which
is often referred to as 1X. The subsequent 1X solution is further diluted 1 to 10
resulting in a dilution of 1/102.

Homeopathic medicine manufacturing requires sequential, serial dilution and
potentization of active substances in a menstrum. All medicines start off with mother
tincutres which are 1 in 10 dilutions of the active material.

This process continues until the potency of interest in achieved. All of these dilutions
are performed in a laminar flow hood which protects each dilution from cross

Homeopathic remedies are devoid of side-effects that often accompany modern-day drug therapy.

Conventional pharmacology predicts that escalating the dose of medication will elicit a stronger response (within a
particular window). Hence this is why physicians will need to titrate the dose in their patients to achieve the
appropriate dose. Typically, if one dose does not work the strategy is to move to a higher dose and so on. In the
case of homeopathy the exact opposite is apparently true - decreasing the dose increases the pharmacological

Homeopathic medicines are thought to act through a mechanism of action that elicits the same symptoms that manifest as a result of the disorder. The philosophy predicts that the substances responsible for the symptom will also at the appropriate dilution prevent the symptom. This can be seen with the modern day OTC medicine Ipecac. Ipecac will cause violent nausea at an escalated concentration; whereas, at the appropriate concentration it demonstrates anti-nausea effects.