Quality of Elements
Homeopathic medicines are regulated under the Canadian Food and Drugs Act as described by the Natural Health Product Regulations.

As a result, every Homeostasis product has a registration number issued by the Health Canada indicating a review of safety and efficacy.

Each lot of remedy is released after specific finished product testing to insure the quality of each product manufactured.
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Homeostasis is proud to be part of a new breed of manufacturers in Canada, capable of creating custom formulations for qualified Practitioners.

The quality program for the manufacture of homeopathic remedies is quite stringent. The quality process is controlled in terms of the quality of original materials, protocols for manufacturing and qualified personnel.

Highly trained homeopathic technicians produce each mother tincture under a laminar flow hood that prevents cross contamination. Each subsequent dilution of the mother tincture is conducted in accordance with written procedures. The mechanism of potentization is strictly controlled in terms of frequency and intensity.

Regardless of the final pharmaceutical dosage format (dilution, pellets/globules, tablets, or ointments), each homeopathic remedy produced by Homeostasis is submitted to our rigorous and comprehensive quality system prior to shipment to insure that the product you receive is of the highest possible quality.

There are very few homeopathic manufacturers in Canada and Homeostasis is proud to be part of an elite class of companies. Please contact us directly about any quality questions related to the manufacture of our homeopathic remedies.