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Explore our top selling selection of Complexes, Mother Tinctures and Single Remedy formulations that are year round practitioner favourites.

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Top Picks for Staying Healthy this Fall

The Fall season brings shorter cooler days and less sunlight. Explore our Complex products to support your immune system and well-being during the colder months.

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Complimentary Medicine A Ray of Hope to Achieve Wellness

Complementary Medicine

A Ray of Hope to Achieve Wellness

Complementary Medicine is a compendium over five decades of knowledge bringing essential information and insights to health care practitioners fingertips on well-known alternative therapies. The book serves as an invaluable reference guide, offering a scientific basis of various alternative therapies that may be used as a supplement to conventional treatments. These include nutrition, diet, herbal medicine, exercise, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy and many others. Authored by Dr. Manohar Sood’s clinical success working with alternative therapies of over 40 years, and Dr. Dinshaw Printer researching and practicing complementary medicine and alternative treatment methods for over 25 years.

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Made in Canada

We are one of very few such facilities that manufacture homeopathic remedies in Canada. Most products found on the store shelves and in practitioner’s offices today are imported from Europe and the United States.

Quality First

Our commitment is to produce the highest quality homeopathic remedies. That requires having a highly stringent and controlled manufacturing program from the quality of original materials, to strict protocols for manufacturing and having highly qualified personnel.

Knowledge & Experience

Each Homeostasis formulation has been designed by Dr. Manohar Sood, a homeopathic practitioner who has been trained in classic homeopathic medicine and has been practice in Canada for the last 35 years and continues to do so today. Our highly credentialed team carries forward his belief in creating and offering high quality products.