Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide


Aluminum oxide (Alumina) is suited to persons of sedentary habits and who suffer from chronic ailments, accompanied with diminished heat. It helps to relieve irritation of mucous membranes and paralysis of involuntary muscles, especially those of the nervous and muscular systems. It is useful for drawing pain and convulsive movements of the limbs and head. It is extremely effective in spasms, trembling, and sensation of constriction in several organs. Since sluggishness of action is characteristic of this remedy, any deficiency causes slow urine flow and great straining to evacuate bowels. In the mental sphere there is confusion.

Dosage Form: Tablet

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Ingredient: Aluminum Oxide (Alumina) 6X

Directions: Take 4-5 globules three times daily. In acute condition it can be taken hourly until relief.

DIN-HM: 80022011

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450 g, 500 ct

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