Indication: Is a respiratory disorder characterized by difficult breathing, at fairly regular intervals. It is an illness that causes obstruction of the airways. Typical symptoms are coughing, wheezing, a feeling of tightness in chest, etc. This combination will help to alleviate, spasmodic attacks of oppressed, difficult, laboured breathing, whooping cough, chronic bronchitis, and bronchial asthma, etc.

Dosage Form: Tablet

Product Code: TSC-2

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Ingredients: Kali phosphoricum (Potassium phosphate, dibasic) 6X, Magnesia phosphorica (Magnesium phosphate, dibasic) 6X, Natrum muriaticum (Sodium chloride) 6X, Natrum sulphuricum (Sodium sulfate) 6X, Lactose, Hypromellose (capsule shell ingredient)

Directions: (Adults) One capsule three times daily

DIN-HM: 80031986

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450 g, 500 ct

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