Colitis, Crohn’s Disease

Colitis, Crohn’s Disease


Indication: Colitis is an ulcerative inflammation of the mucous lining of the intestine, especially of the colon. Crohn’s disease is also a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, usually affecting the lower half of the intestine and the colon. This combination heals the characterized frequent attacks of diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, nausea, fever, bloody stools, weakness and weight loss.

Dosage Form: Tablet

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Ingredients: Ferrum phosphoricum (Ferrous phosphate BPC 73) 6X, Kali muriaticum (Potassium chloride) 6X, Kali phosphoricum (Potassium phosphate, dibasic) 6X, Magnesia phosphorica (Magnesium phosphate, dibasic) 6X, Lactose, Hypromellose (capsule shell ingredient).

Directions: (Adults) One capsule three times daily

DIN-HM: 80031979

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450 g, 500 ct

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