Larch – Larix Decidua, Flos

Larch – Larix Decidua, Flos



Ingredient: Larch (5X)

Dosage Form: Liquid

DIN-HM: 80005222

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Larch:Low self-confidence.

A person loses self-confidence, leading to despair and desponden-cy. This state arises from lack of those joyful and devoted experi-ences with people and tasks that would improve self-esteem and knowledge of one’s capacities. Preoccupation and worry about self may further prevent healthful engagement and stabilized self-es-teem.

The goal of remedy: Creating balance and sturdy self-confidence, by reducing focus on oneself and devoting to people and tasks.

Ingredient: Larch (5X)

Directions: Take ten drops on tongue three times daily. If symptoms persist, consult a health care practitioner.

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