Natrum Sulphuricum

Natrum Sulphuricum


Natrum sulphuricum (sodium sulphate) is found in the intercellular fluids and is responsible for the regulation of water content in the tissues, blood and bodily fluids. Since its affinity for water is paramount, it therefore eliminates the excess from the blood and blood serum. A deficiency of natrum sulphuricum prevents the elimination of such water from the body. Its use helps to prevent auto-intoxication by the disposal of poison-charged fluids and its importance in the treatment of liver and rheumatic ailments are therefore self-evident.

Dosage Form: Tablet

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Ingredient: Natrum Sulphuricum (Sodium sulphate) 6X

Directions: Take 4-5 globules three times daily. In acute condition it can be taken hourly until relief.

DIN-HM: 80022005

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450 g, 500 ct

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