Scalp Tonic

Scalp Tonic



Recommended Use: For the temporary relief from burns and eczema of scalp and painful scalp.

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Indications: An inflammation characterized by redness, irritation, multiple small vesicles, serous discharges, ulceration and crusting. Also a severe contagonous disorder of children and adults with flaking scales, usually of the scalp. Causes: unknown, but often hereditary; associated with broachial asthma, hay-fever, and other allergic conditions. Stress is a precipitating factor. General symptoms are pain, itching, burning, pruritus etc.

Medicinal Ingredients (dose per unit): Arsenicum album 10X, Calcarea carbonica 10X, Graphites 10X, Mercurius vivus 10X, Natrum muriaticum 6X, Phosphorus 6X, Sepia 6X, Sulphur 6X

Recommended Dose: Adults and adolescents 12 and over: Take ten drops three times daily or take as directed by health care practitioner.


DIN-HM 80077466

Size: 50 ML

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50 ml

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