Scleranthus – Scleranthus Annuus, Flos

Scleranthus – Scleranthus Annuus, Flos



Ingredient: Scleranthus (5X)

Dosage Form: Liquid

DIN-HM: 80005327

Also available in 250 mL and 1 Litre sizes. Please contact us for prices.

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A person is not able to make up his/her mind, having to choose between two options, usually of some magnitude. This results in uncertainty. There is dread of making the wrong decision, of having to let go of one option which might in hindsight been the better one. Also, one loses per-spective due to flooding of the mind with details and arguments.

The goal of remedy:Reliance on inner wisdom. Lifting the mind to a higher vantage point so that a new perspective and overview can be gained.

Ingredient: Scleranthus (5X)

Directions: Take ten drops on tongue three times daily. If symptoms persist, consult a health care practitioner.

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